Thursday, November 10, 2011

CHANEL Péridot.

jag lyssnar på...Logos Naki World~Ishii Yasushii. Yeah.

Péridot, Péridot, Péridot... Ibland är det trevligt med grejer som faktiskt lever upp till hypen. Det ÄR fantastiskt. Så mångfasetterat och vackert man kan önska. Och självklart kan jag inte fånga ens hälften på bild, men det utgick jag nästan ifrån :)

Dåligt med lyse ute, så ingen sol idag. Håll till godo.

Lätt att ha och göra med, det fick bli tre lager.

I can't think anyone hasn't yet seen this polish or at least heard about it. I personally knew I needed it from the very first time bottle pics and early swatches started turning up, and from there the wait was long since the European release was way behing the US one. Sigh.

I finally nabbed a bottle while on a short trip to London, and I consider it money well spent, this is beyond gorgeous. Three coats for total opacity, it wore fairly well considering my nails were longer than I usually like to keep them, and therefore sort of bendy and flexible. These photos were taken day four, I think.

I've read so many times about how Chanel polish doesn't wear very well, of people getting chips within a day and being disappointed in something they might have paid a lot for, so I was wary...but if they're anything like this I might get more colors since I didn't think this was bad at all. Suggestions?

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