Monday, March 21, 2011


nu spelas: Missing~Gackt

Fick en tag häromdan av den ytterst trevliga Solveig från Nailin' It! och eftersom jag gillar att skriva för hand(pysslade lite löst med kalligrafi för länge sen-den västerländska sorten) så petade jag ihop detta:

går att klicka för den som så önskar...

Dock inser jag ju att det kanske inte är 100% läsligt detta så jag lägger ut texten digitalt också(skulle jag blivit läkare istället kanske?)

1. I'm Helen, my blog is Lacquer Otaku


3. The quick brown fox and so on... :D

4. 'Before you criticize someone, you should walk a mile in their shoes. That way,
when you criticize them, you're a mile away and you have their shoes.'

5. Too many to even begin listing, but one song that's been getting a lot of plays since I got my hands on it is Uyama Hiroto's 'Ribbon in the sea'. The piano sample gets me every time.

6. Some of my oldest faves are
Kate Bush
David Sylvian
The Church

7. When you understand everything cats do and why, there's nothing more to understand
in this world.

8. I tag: Lacky, jellynat, The Hungry Asian

I was given this fun tag to complete some time ago, but it took me a while to find decent-sized paper and a pen that wouldn't leak all over the place, the above is what I came up with! (pic is clickable for better size) To do this you write down your answers to the following:

1. What is your name? And your blog.

2. Blog url

3. Write: the quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.

4. Favorite quote

5. Favorite song

6. Favorite band/singers

7. Say anything you want

8. Pass it along to a few bloggers

-then take a photo of it and post it to your blog! Have fun!

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